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CUPL Holds the First World Jurists Forum Summit

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China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) held the first World Jurists Forum Summit on the day of its 70th birthday of May 16. The Forum was streamed live online and provided participants from around the world with excellent insights and perspectives. The 28 speakers from famous universities and international organizations in 18 countries and regions such as Asia, Americas, Europe and Oceania, who were renowned Chinese and foreign legal experts in legal education and research or legal professionals from legislative and judicial authorities, held a discussion on the reform of legal education in the digital age. Nearly 300 partner universities, colleges and institutions from abroad and over 300 universities and colleges in China were invited as penalists to attend this forum online, and students and faculty of the above institutions watched the live stream.

(World Jurists Forum Summit)

This Forum was opened by President Ma Huaide, and presided over by Vice President Shi Jianzhong. In the more than three hours of keynote addresses, experts had in-depth discussion and extensive communication on the challenges faced by law education in the digital era, future development and reform measures, innovative legal talents training modes for the new era and other topics. Witnessing the deep integration of eastern and western wisdom, this forum will provide new theories for further advancement of the rule of law and the reform of legal education in China.

(President Ma Huaide making an opening statement)

(Vice President Shi Jianzhong presiding over the forum)

The first World Jurists Forum Summit was held on the 70th birthday of CUPL. CUPL hopes, with the concerted efforts of the law industry, this forum will become an international flagship platform for the regular exchange of ideas among jurists from around the globe, incentivizing cutting-edge theories of legal education, and contributing academic and intellectual power to the community with a shared future for mankind.