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CI at Bangor Convenes the Tenth Board Meeting in CUPL

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In the evening of April 14, the Confucius Institute at Bangor University (the CI at Bangor), co-sponsored by China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) and Bangor University, successfully held its tenth board meeting. The meeting was held in mixed format both online and offline. Paul van Gardingen,Pro-Vice-Chancellor (PVC) of Bangor University, and CUPL Vice Presidents Feng Shiyong and Shi Jianzhong, attended the meeting. Vice President Shi Jianzhong presided over the meeting.

(Vice President Shi Jianzhong presiding over the meeting, photo credit: Lu Yunkai)

First, Vice President Feng Shiyong extended a warm welcome to the Bangor University delegation. He noted that over the past 10 years, the CI co-operated by CUPL and Bangor University have established extensive and sound links with the local community and the larger Wales. The CI at Bangor has made fruitful progresses in multiple fields, including Mandarin teaching, promotion of the Chinese culture, and academic communications, serving as an important platform for cooperation and exchanges between the two universities. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Bangor University and the Chinese and British co-directors as well as teachers and volunteers of the CI at Bangor who recorded the congratulatory videos for the 70th anniversary of CUPL. He hoped that the two universities can strengthen their cooperation across the board via the CI at Bangor and continue to write a new and splendid chapter in language, cultural and academic exchanges.

(Vice President Feng Shiyong delivering a speech, photo credit: Lu Yunkai)

PVC Paul van Gardingen expressed his gratitude to CUPL colleagues for the warm reception. He said that it was a great honour to cooperate with CUPL, which is listed as a “Double World-Class University”. He added that the CI co-established and co-operated by CUPL and Bangor University has played a positive role in promoting knowledge dissemination, personnel training, academic cooperation and social services, which has also become a cultural exchange platform for Welsh to learn the Chinese language and to understand China. He hoped that the two universities will deepen exchanges, carry out academic cooperation in various fields and deliver more benefits in the future.

(PVC Paul van Gardingen delivering a speech, photo credit: Lu Yunkai)

The board of directors then deliberated on agenda items and approved the minutes of the previous board meeting. Fu Yao and Lina Davitt, Chinese and British Co-Directors of the CI at Bangor, made a joint presentation on the 2021-2022 work review and the 2022-2023 programme of work of the CI at Bangor. The board deliberated on and approved the report and held an in-depth discussion on cooperation between the two universities in fields such as law.

At last, Vice President Shi Jianzhong delivered some closing remarks. He commended the achievements of the CI at Bangor, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Chinese and British Co-Directors for their hard work, and initiated the establishment of a panel to implement the common understandings reached on cooperation between the two universities through this board meeting. He considered the meeting a complete success and hoped that the CI at Bangor would continue to flourish with the support of the two universities and to promote in-depth cooperation between the two universities, as well as to contribute to people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and the UK.

(Tenth Board Meeting of the CI at Bangor)

Martina Feilzer, Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Business, Sam Jackson-Royle, Director of the Department of International Development and Admission, as well as Kong Qingjiang, Dean of the School of International Law, Li Kunyan, former Chinese Co-Director of the CI at Bangor, and Li Dandan, Director of the Confucius Institute Office of CUPL, also attended the meeting.