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HKUST Vice President Wang Yang and His Delegation Visit CUPL

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On April 22, Wang Yang, Vice President of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), accompanied by Wang Jinyu, Chair of the Board of Abosi Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Board Member of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), visited CUPL. Lu Yulin, Strategy Advisor to the President of HKUST, Professor of Life Science at HKUST and Head of HK Bio-Med Innotech Association, was also a member of the visiting delegation. CUPL President Ma Huaide, Vice President Shi Jianzhong and Vice President Chang Baoguo met and talked with the HKUST delegation. Heads of administrative offices and schools of CUPL also attended the meeting. Vice President Chang Baoguo presided over the meeting.

(The HKUST-CUPL meeting, photo credit: Lu Yunkai)

During the meeting, CUPL President Ma Huaide extended a warm welcome to members of the HKUST delegation for their visit. Then, President Ma introduced the disciplines, talent cultivation, researches and social services of CUPL. He pointed out that emerging technologies such as big data and cloud computing and their application had a huge impact on economic development, social governance and government administration, and have given rise to a series of emerging legal issues that require in-depth theoretical research. He hoped that HKUST and CUPL could tap into their complementary advantages to strengthen exchanges and cooperate closely in research areas, such as data-related and foreign-related rule of law and legal protection for scientific and technological innovation with a view to deliver more innovative research results.

(President Ma Huaide delivering a speech, photo credit: Lu Yunkai)

Vice President Shi Jianzhong introduced the achievements of CUPL in researches and interdisciplinary development, in particular researches on data law. He hoped that the two universities could deepen cooperation in data-related researches. Vice President Chang Baoguo talked about the academic performance of students from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) at CUPL, the internships of CUPL students at the High Court and the Department of Justice of the HKSAR, as well as CUPL’s ties with higher education institutions and the law community of the HKSAR.

HKUST Vice President Wang Yang introduced the past and present of the university, including of the establishment of HKUST and its latest development. He hoped that the two parties could have extensive cooperation in interdisciplinary researches of sci-tech and law and jointly tap into the great potential of the integration of science and law.

(HKUST Vice President Wang Yang delivering a speech, photo credit: Lu Yunkai)

Professor Lu Yulin and Chairman Wang Jinyu shared their vision for the biological fund and expressed their expectations for in-depth cooperation in bio-techs and regulations with CUPL.

The two sides also exchanged ideas on research cooperation, sci-tech innovation and research on the legal protection of sci-tech innovation.

Before the meeting, HKUST Vice President Wang Yang and his delegation visited the exhibition of CUPL’s 70 years of history.

(HKUST Vice President Wang Yang and his delegation visiting the exhibition of CUPL’s 70 years of history, photo credit: Lu Yunkai)

HKUST is short for Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In March 1986, the HK government decided to establish the third university in Hong Kong. In October 1991, HKUST held its inauguration ceremony. HKUST has four schools: the School of Science, the School of Engineering, the School of Business and Management, and the School of Humanities & Social Science.

HKUST is a university featuring international researches with its strengths in business and engineering and has developed into an internationally renowned institution of higher education. Over the past two decades since its establishment, HKUST has made technological breakthroughs such as the thinnest single-walled carbon nanotubes, photos with the highest pixels and the first smart sterilization coating in the world, as well as internationally leading teaching and research achievements such as the world's top-ranked EMBA program. HKUST has ranked first in QS Asia University Rankings for three consecutive years since 2011 and No.14 in the Global Employability University Survey and Ranking 2015. It has cultivated outstanding talent in various fields such as Wang Tao, founder of DJI Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., and Luo Shuohan, Chief Financial Officer of Tencent Group.

(Photo of attendees, photo credit: Lu Yunkai)