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Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley of Barbados Visits CUPL and Delivers a Speech

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On the morning of June 26, the Honorable Mia Amor Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados, along with an official delegation, paid a visit to the Haidian Campus of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) and delivered a speech. Accompanied by Yan Xiusheng, Chinese Ambassador to Barbados, Wang Wei, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Zhang Songming, Deputy Director of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The distinguished guests were warmly welcomed by Hu Ming, Council Chair of CUPL, Ma Huaide, President of CUPL,Shi Jianzhong, Vice President of CUPL, as well as representatives from various schools and administrative offices of CUPL. Nearly 400 students were also present at the lecture.

(Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Amor Mottley visiting CUPL, photo credit: Yin Jianfeng)

In his welcoming address on behalf of CUPL, Hu Ming extended a warm welcome to Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley and her delegation. He noted that Prime Minister Mottley's visit exemplified the immense significance attached to CUPL and the unwavering support for educational and cultural exchanges between China and Barbados. CUPL has consistently placed great importance on promoting educational and cultural cooperation with Barbados. In 2014, CUPL and the University of the West Indies at Cave Hill, Barbados (UWI Cave Hill), signed a cooperation agreement, leading to the establishment of the Confucius Institute (CI) jointly operated by CUPL and UWI Cave Hill in 2015. Through the CI at UWI Cave Hill, both sides have introduced positive innovation in cooperation mode, resulting in fruitful outcomes in teaching and research cooperation and exchange between teachers and students. Remarkably, the CI at UWI Cave Hill received the prestigious accolade of “2017 Confucius Institute of the Year” merely two years after its establishment. Hu highlighted the development, educational philosophy, international cooperation achievements of CUPL, as well as its outstanding contributions in promoting the rule of law and nurturing legal professionals. He affirmed CUPL’s commitment to furthering cultural exchanges between the two countries and creating a new chapter of cooperation.

Prime Minister Mottley acknowledged the longstanding and close cooperation between CUPL and UWI Cave Hill over the past decade. She said that coming to CUPL made her feel at home. She emphasized the increasing enthusiasm among Barbadian children to learn Chinese, reflecting the deepening cultural understanding and friendship between Barbados and China. Prime Minister Mottley expressed her hope for bilateral dialogues on crucial topics such as response to climate change, embracing challenges, and finding solutions together. She specially called for enhanced cooperation between CUPL and UWI Cave Hill in the field of Law of the Sea via the CI at UWI Cave Hill. Prime Minister Mottley firmly believed that with concerted efforts, the two countries would enhance communication and cooperation.

(CUPL Council Chair Hu Ming presenting CUPL’s landscape scroll painting to Barbadian Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, photo credit: Yin Jianfeng)

As a gesture of goodwill, Hu Ming presented a landscape scroll painting representing CUPL to Prime Minister Mottley and explained the meaning of the school motto. In return, Prime Minister Mottley wrote her best wishes for CUPL, expressing her anticipation of new collaborations between CUPL and UWI Cave Hill in the Law of the Sea based on their decade-long partnership. She encouraged the teachers and students of CUPL to sharpen their minds and nurture talent for China and the world in the future.

(Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley and her official delegation visiting the History Museum of CUPL, photo credit: Yin Jianfeng)

After the courtesy meeting, Prime Minister Mottley and her delegation visited the History Museum of CUPL, particularly the special exhibition showcasing the cooperation between CUPL and Barbados. They appreciated photos and exhibits, gaining a deeper understanding of CUPL’s history and the fruitful outcomes of collaboration between the two sides.

(CUPL President Ma Huaide moderating Prime Minister Mottley’s speech, photo credit: Yin Jianfeng)

The speech by Prime Minister Mottley titled "What Will It Take to Make the World a Fairer Place" was held in the auditorium, presided over by CUPL President Ma Huaide. In her speech, Prime Minister Mottley delivered a brilliant exposition on how to address the contemporary issues of fairness worldwide. She emphasized that we all inhabit the same planet Earth and face common challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, water and electricity shortage, and the digital divide. Therefore, countries should strive to build a fairer and more equitable international political and economic framework to better protect the interests of vulnerable groups and people and underdeveloped countries or regions. Prime Minister Mottley highlighted that the future belongs to the youth, encouraging students to maintain courage and curiosity in their efforts to build a fairer world. During Q&A, Prime Minister Mottley engaged in cordial exchanges with the audience, sharing her perspectives on questions raised by students, such as “how does the rule of law promote global governance based on fairness?” and “how to address challenges of fairness brought by artificial intelligence?”

(Students raising questions, photo credit: Yin Jianfeng)

CUPL President Ma acknowledged Prime Minister Mottley's brilliant and inspiring speech. He noted that given the fact that humankind face shared crises, including climate change, public health emergencies, and digital divide, we especially the young generation, need to listen to and respect each other, work together, and strengthen cooperation. As the highest institution of legal education and important platform for the cultivation of legal professionals, CUPL hopes to strengthen communications with Prime Minister Mottley, jurists and individuals from all walks of life in Barbados and the Caribbean. President Ma expressed sincere gratitude to the distinguished guests, teachers and students, while encouraging active participation in future cooperation and exchanges between CUPL and Barbados, thereby making greater contributions to people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and Barbados.

(Students presenting a bouquet to Prime Minister Mottley, photo credit: Yin Jianfeng)

The event concluded with a student presenting a bouquet, followed by resounding applause. Prime Minister Mottley bid farewell to the audience.

Accompanying Prime Minister Mottley were Kerrie Symmonds, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados, Alies Jordan, Permanent Secretary of the Office of the Prime Minister, Joy-Ann Skinner, Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados, Hallam Henry, Barbados Ambassador to China, as well as Resa Layne, Chief of Protocol of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados, Charles Jong, Director of Office of Communications and Social Media of the Office of Prime Minister, and Felicia Inniss, Attaché of the Embassy of Barbados in China.

Huang Ruiyu, Wang Haiyan, Lu Chunlong, Li Juqian, Lei Lei, Yu Fei, Zhu Lijiang, along with Guo Zhiyuan, Xu Lan, Song Qingbao, Nie Lu, Wang Fuping, Tang Yan, and heads and representatives from relevant administrative offices and academic units were also present during the event.