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Romanian CI Co-Director Luminita Balan Wins the Best Translated Book Award in Romania

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On November 27, 2017, the 2017 award ceremony of excellent literature writers hosted by the Translation Bureau of the Romanian Writers’ Society was held in Bucharest. The ceremony was held to recognize organizations and individuals with outstanding performance and achievements in the field of novel, poetry, translation and other aspects in Romanian literature in the past year. The awards are also the highest honor for all writers in Romania. Prof. Luminita Balan, Director of the Chinese Department of the University of Bucharest, Romanian Co-Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Bucharest (CI at UB), and famous translator, won the Best Translated Book Award for her translation version of Mo Yan's The Woman with Flowers.

(Prof. Luminita Balan wins the Best Translated Book Award)

Participants of the ceremony included Horia Garbea, Deputy Director of Romanian Writers’ Society, Ion Cristescu, Director of the Museum of Romanian Literature, Senator Varujan Vosganian, and writers, poets, literary critics and publishers who have made outstanding contributions in various fields of Romanian literature.

(Director of the Translation Bureau of the Romanian Writers’ Society presents the award to Prof. Luminita Balan)

Director of the Translation Bureau the Romanian Writers’ Society presented the award for Director Luminita Balan and delivered a short speech: Prof. Luminita Balan’s translation of The Woman with Flowers, with the exquisite language, not only faithfully presents the Chinese story from early 1980s to late 1990s of the original book, but also delivered it to Romanian readers with precise and accurate words. At the same time, Prof.Luminita Balan’s translation is both ideological and artistic, creating a unique flavor on the basis of the original book.

(Prof. Luminita Balan delivers a speech)

During her speech, Prof. Luminita Balan expressed her gratitude for the Romanian Writers’ Society and the Humanitas Fiction Publishing House in Romania. She also introduced the challenges in dealing with the cultural differences during translation as well as two most effective solutions, i.e., empathy and continual improvement of translation capacity. At last, she stressed the contributions of the CI at UB in the promotion of contemporary Chinese writers and Chinese literature in Romania, including Mo Yan, Yu Hua and other contemporary masters in Chinese literature, and hoped that the CI at UB would continue to develop as a bridge for exchanges between Chinese and Romanian literary circles.

(Sinologist Tatiana Segal introduces Prof. Luminita Balan)

(Prof. Luminita Balan and Denisa Comanescu, Director of Humanitas Publishing House)

After the ceremony, Denisa Comanescu, Director of Humanitas Publishing House, met with Prof. Luminita Balan. Prof. Luminita Balan thanked Humanitas Publishing House again for its great support, and discussed the future plan of introducing and translating more Chinese literary works, such as Liu Zhenyun's I Am Not Pan Jinlian and One Sentence Weighs More than Ten Thousands in particular.