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Vice-Chair of CUPL Council Gao Huanyue Meets with Chancellor & Dean of UC Hastings College of the Law

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In the afternoon of December 19, 2017, Prof. Gao Huanyue, Vice-Chair of CUPL Council, met with Prof. David Faigman, Chancellor and Dean of the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, Prof. Keith Hand, Associate Dean for Global Programs and their delegation.

(Gao Huanyue meets with David Faigman)

Prof. Gao Huanyue first extended a warm welcome to Prof. Faigman and his delegation. She introduced to the delegation that CUPL was regarded as the top law university in China in terms of the number of faculty and students as well as the number of alumni majoring in law. Hastings College of the Law was the oldest law school in University of California, as well as the largest law school in the U.S. Although it was the first-ever official meeting between the two schools, the scholars of the two schools had already carried out many friendly exchange. Prof. Gao hoped that the cooperation between students and staff of the two school could be further expanded by the precious opportunity of Prof. Faigman’s visit.

Prof. Faigman praised CUPL for its good reputation. He said that one of the missions of the Hastings College of the Law was to strengthen cooperation with famous university and high-tech companies worldwide and to advance international cooperation and development in public law, criminal law, health law, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, big data etc., using its geological advantages. He hoped that a formal partnership could be established between the two schools in order to provide more convenience for students and faculty from the two schools.

After the meeting, Prof. Faigman gave a lecture to students and faculty of the Law School of CUPL on The Challenge of Integrating Scientific Research into Legal Decision-making: American Experience.

(Group Photo of the Participants)