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Romanian Deputy Prime Minister Visits Chinese Booth during the World Experience Festival

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The grand opening of World Experience Festival (WEF) was held at Culture Center of Bucharest in the evening of September 3. Prof. Luminiţa Bălan, Romanian Co-Director of the CI at UB, and Prof. Dong Jingbo, Chinese Co-Director of the CI at UB, were invited to attend the ceremony.

The festival, organized by the Romanian government, was a feast of the splendid cultures of countries around the world. As the curator for the Chinese Booth, the CI at UB had taken meticulous planning and preparation for the exhibition. This year’s WEF, with the theme of The Sounds of the World, was kicked off on September 3rdand would be held for a week. The indoor exhibitions of WEF featured the presentation of musical instruments and the introduction of diverse music cultures of countries in Asia, Africa and America to the Romanian people.

At the opening ceremony, Romanian Deputy Prime Minister Ana Birchall delivered a keynote speech, highlighting the necessity of promoting exchanges and deepening mutual understanding in the international community. Deputy Prime Minister Birchall said that, only through communication and cooperation can the world gain peace and people enjoy happiness. Then, local Romanian students’ chorus gave a wonderful performance.

After the opening ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Birchall visited the Chinese booth. Prof. Dong Jingbo introduced to her the history of various traditional Chinese musical instruments and how to play them. Deputy Prime Minister Birchall also tried playing Guzheng, a Chinese plucked string instrument with a more than 2,500-year history. The timbre of traditional Chinese stringed instruments fascinated many participants. Deputy Prime Minister Birchall also recognized the CI at UB for all the efforts in facilitating bilateral people-to-people exchanges and wished for an everlasting friendship between the two countries.

(Deputy Prime Minister Ana Birchall playing guzheng)

The exhibits of the Chinese Booth caught the eyes of many participants passing by. The CI at UB had prepared some of the most representative Chinese instruments such as Guzheng, Dagu (Chinese drum), Changxiao (Chinese vertical bamboo flute), and Xun (ocarina), as well as other exhibits that reflected Chinese cultural traits, including Peking Opera masks, traditional Chinese fans, and traditional costumes, charming many local residents.

(The Chinese booth with various exhibits)

During the week-long WEF, the CI at UB will perform various programs with Chinese characteristics, such as Chinese folk dance, tea ceremony and calligraphy, which would also be posted on social media for publicity. The WEF serves as a excellent platform for the CI at UB to introduce and promote traditional Chinese culture   to the Romanian people and to deepen mutual understanding and friendship.