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Meeting for the Internationalization of CUPL under the “Double First-Class” Initiative Was Held

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In the afternoon of November 7, the meeting on the internationalization of CUPL under the "Double First-Class" Initiative attended by Prof. Ma Huaide, Vice President of CUPL, and staff of relevant offices of CUPL was held at the Keyanlou Building, Xueyuanlu Campus, CUPL. The meeting was moderated by Prof. Xu Lan, Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange

During the meeting, Vice President Ma pointed out that the objective of the meeting was to further the internationalization of CUPL. He then stressed the significance of internationalization, and hoped to hear suggestions and proposals from representatives of schools and administration offices of CUPL for measures and policy guidance for internationalization of the university.

(Meeting for Advancing the Internationalization of CUPL under the "Double First-Class" Initiative)

Afterwards, Vice President Ma was briefed by representatives of schools and offices on progress, problems and proposals concerning courses taught in English, admission and education of international students, and hiring of international faculty.

Vice President Ma said that, the meeting was a necessary opportunity for CUPL understand its status quo and facilitated plans and arrangements of internationalization for the future. He also proposed the following suggestions: first, efforts should be made to explore opportunities of international cooperation and exchanges at various levels, and relevant leaders and staff should attach great importance to internationalization; second, relevant offices should coordinate to form synergy and improve efficiency by establishing an institutionalized work mechanism; third, schools should explore potential to develop long-term programs in accordance with own features and specialties so as to attract more international talents; and fourth, establishing standardized publicity materials for better image building and branding in internationalization. Vice President Ma concluded the meeting by encouraging representatives from CUPL administration offices and schools to take active roles and engaging in internationalization of the university in the future.