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President Ma Huaide Meets With Vice President of University of Montreal

Time:2019-09-10    Author:国际合作与交流处     ClickTimes:


In the afternoon of June 17, at the Xueyuanlu Campus, President Ma Huaide met with Guy Lefebvre, Vice President of University of Montreal (UdeM) and his delegation.


President Ma first extended a warm welcome to Lefebvre for his visit and recalled various teacher-student exchange programs that had been carried out by the two universities. President Ma said that under the strong support and active advocacy of relevant leaders including Lefebvre, as well as colleges and departments, the two parties had carried out international cooperation and exchanges at various levels and in multiple fields. Such cooperation had been innovative and remarkable, such as undergraduate exchange, master's degree scholarship, joint doctoral program, joint academic research, and training of talents for international organizations. President Ma used three "most" to highlight the fruitful cooperation between the two sides, i.e. the most frequent contact, the most numerous participants, and the most intimate relationship. President Ma hoped that the two parties could continue to innovate and deepen the friendly cooperation and exchanges.  

Lefebvre first expressed his warm congratulation to President Ma on his appointment as President of CUPL. He said that Guy Breton, Rector of UdeM, and he himself had always regarded CUPL as the closest partner of UdeM in its global strategy and had given the highest priority to the bilateral cooperation with CUPL. Lefebvre believed that President Ma would further promote the practical cooperation and traditional friendship between the two universities after he took office as President of CUPL.

Then, the two parties conducted in-depth discussions and reached a preliminary consensus on further enhancing cooperation and joint establishment of Sino-foreign cooperative educational institutions.

In the subsequent meetings, Vice President Shi Jianzhong exchanged views and suggestions with the UdeM delegation on how to tap into the potential of bilateral cooperation, enhance cooperation efficiency, and deepen cooperative relationship.

During the visit, Lefebvre also met with applicants for the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships: Advanced Scholars program (QES-AS), including Fan Xiaobo, Professor of School of International Law, Zhu Mingzhe, Associate Professor of College of Comparative Law and Yu Meng, postdoctoral teaching fellow of School of International Law and had a friendly conversation with them. Jiao Jie, Director of China Program of Law School of UdeM, Simon Hobeila, Counselor, International Affairs of International Affairs Department of UdeM, Prof. Xu Lan, Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of CUPL, and Mr. Lyu Yong, Deputy Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of CUPL also attended relevant meetings.