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The ITU and ILO Session of “The 2nd UN Job Fair” Successfully Held in CUPL

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 In the evening of October 14, the 2nd UN Job Fair, sponsored by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and organized by CUPL, was successfully held at the Xueyuan Lu Campus of CUPL. Representatives from two specialized organizations of the United Nations, i.e. the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the International Labor Organization (ILO), conducted online presentations. The event aimed at enhancing Chinese college students' understanding of UN agencies, assisting students with applications for internships and job opportunities in international organizations, and promote talent cultivation in international organizations. A total of 12 universities in China, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, and CUPL, host job fairs for various UN agencies.

 At the beginning of the event, President Ma Huaide of CUPL delivered a speech over video. In his speech, President Ma congratulated CUPL for hosting the 2nd UN Job Fair. He also welcomed specialized agencies of United Nations, including ITU and ILO, to conduct close cooperation with CUPL. He said that CUPL would actively send high-caliber law professionals to international organizations.

(President Ma Huaide delivering opening speech over video)

      Ms. Véronique Benoit-Gex, official of ITU Partnership and Talent Recruitment Program, and Ms. Sylvie Jeanne Layous-Saltiel, official of ILO Partnership and Human Resource Department, introduced the principle of work, organizational structure, member composition and main responsibilities of their respective organizations. They also explained ITU and ILO's great contributions to international issues, such as environmental protection, re-employment of the unemployed, and coordination of international relations; these two organizations also took part in conflict resolution against the backdrop of COVID-19, such as global climate change, local conflicts, and refugee issues. As international situation is getting increasingly severe, the United Nations is in urgent need of attracting young talents from China who are committed to the improvement of the world. The two representatives welcomed students of CUPL to join the internship program of the United Nations, and put forward suggestions and tips for application, including procedure, cycle, interview and so on. They highlighted the importance of candidates' enthusiasm for work, and hoped that students who got enrolled in the UN internship program could learn from each other, make common progress and create a better future.


(CUPL students listening to the presentation)

      During the Q&A session, students asked many questions about job application, interview preparation, working remotely, institutional projects, professional advantages, etc. The two representatives gave specific answers to these questions.


(Student Asking Questions During Q&A)

 The job fair was supported by the Publicity Department, the Student Affairs Office, and the Network Security and Information Technology Office of CUPL. The event was moderated by Zhang Biao, Associate Professor of the School of Political Science and Public Administration. Xu Lan, Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Zhang Yongran, Deputy Director of the Student Affairs Office, Lyu Shuyan, Deputy Director of the Network Security and Information Technology Office, and Lyu Yong, Deputy Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, attended the event together with 110 CUPL students.