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International Conferences of 2020

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1.Title: International Symposium of Juris Master Education

Time: October 10-11,2020

Venue: On line

2.Title: International Antitrust Webinar

Time: September 15-16,2020

Venue: On line

3.Title: The 10th International Symposium on Legal English Teaching and Testing in China

Time: October 24-25,2020

Venue: Beijing/On line

4.Title: Sino-German Seminar on Response of Labor Law and Social Security Law in COVID-19

Time: October 17-18,2020

Venue:On line

5.Title: Business and Human Rights Research

Time: October 31-November 1,2020

Venue:On line

6.Title: The governance of false information in the era of community communication

Time: October 31,2020

Venue:On line

7.Title: Legal Implications of COVID-19-Chinese and European Approaches

Time: November 20-21,2020

Venue:On line

8.Title:Economic Rule of Law under Bicirculating Forum

Time: December 6-7,2020

Venue:On line

9.Title:Peaceful and security in Eastern Asia in post-epidemic

Time: December 6,2020

Venue:On line