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International Conferences of 2013

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1. Title: International Law Seminar Between China and Korea

   Time: January 12, 2013

   Venue: Beijing, China

2. Title: The Conference on Legal Ethics

   Time: March 16-17, 2013

   Venue: Beijing, China

3. Title: The International Conference on Anti-monopoly Law

   Time: March 21-22, 2013    

   Venue: Beijing, China

4. Title: Asian Forum on German Law: private autonomy

   Time: May 22-23, 2013

   Venue: Beijing, China

5. Title: The International Conference on Evidence Law and Forensic Science

   Time: July 20-21, 2013

   Venue: Beijing, China

6. Title: The Conference on International Comparison of Political Culture Research    

   Time: July 23-24, 2013

   Venue: Beijing, China

7. Title: Symposium of Sino-German Constitutional Property

   Time: September 14, 2013

   Venue: Beijing, China

8. Title: The Conference on Law and Penalty in East Asia

   Time: October 5-6, 2013

   Venue: Beijing, China

9. Title: Reconstruction of Regional Order in Northeast Asia: Consultation and Cooperation

   Time: October 19-20, 2013

   Venue: Beijing, China