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International Conferences of 2010

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1. Title: Establishment and Improvement of Rural Legal System

   Time: January 22th,2010

   Venue: Beijing

2. Title: Human Dignity and Harmonious Society

   Time: March 19th,2010

   Venue: Beijing

3. Title: Insolvency and Restructuring Practice in East Asia--How to rescue distress businesses?

   Time: April 3th-4th,2010

   Venue: Beijing

4. Title: Reform of Criminal Trial of Second Instance in China

   Time: April 23th-24th,2010

   Venue: Beijing

5. Title: The Tenth Anniversary Celebration of the Chinese Clinic Education and Clinic

             Education Forum

   Time: June 19th-20th,2010

   Venue: Beijing

6. Title: The International conference of Conversation between Chinese Commercial Law and Korean Commercial Law

   Time: June 22th,2010

   Venue: Beijing