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International Conferences of 2008

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1. Title: International Conference on Comparative Study of Sino-Russian and Japanese-German Systems of Theories of Crime

   Time: October 31st ? November 4th, 2008

   Venue: Beijing

2. Title: Social Transformation and Legal Reforms International Conference

   Time: October 18th ?October 19th, 2008

   Venue: Beijing

3. Title: International Conference on Air and Space Activities: Policy, Law and Practice

   Time: October 17th ? 18th, 2008

   Venue: Beijing  

4. Title: International Symposium on the 10th Anniversary of Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

   Time: October 10th ? October 11th, 2008

   Venue: Beijing

5. Title: The 10th Work Meeting of Contemporary German Law Masterpieces

   Time: October 9th ? 13th, 2008

   Venue: Beijing

6. Title: Sino-Russian Symposium on Legal Problem in Economic Cooperation

   Time: October 10th ? October 12th, 2008

   Venue: Beijing

7. Title: International Conference on Air and Space Activities

   Time: June 25th- June 27th, 2008

   Venue: Beijing