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International Conferences of 2007

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1. Title: International Forum on Prevention of Torture during Interrogating

             Suspects in Criminal Investigation

   Time: December 7th ? 9th, 2007

   Venue: Beijing

2. Title: Rationality and Wisdom: Reconsideration on Chinese Legal Tradition

             International Symposium

   Time: November 12th ? 13th, 2007

   Venue: Guangzhou

3. Title: The Changes Of China’s Pharmaceutical Distribution Channel

   Time: November 24th, 2007

   Venue: Beijing

4. Title: Public Service and Administration System

   Time: December 8th, 2007

   Venue: Beijing

5. Title: The 3rd Annual Conference of Asia Sports law Society and Annual Convention

             of China Sports Law Research Center Of China Law Society

   Time: November 10th- 11th,2007

   Venue: Beijing

6. Title: International Conference on Law, Morality, and Politics from a

             Constructive Postmodern Perspective

   Time: July 8th ? 9th, 2007

   Venue: Beijing

7. Title: Interdisciplinary Human Rights Research Methodology

   Time: September 28th ? 30th, 2007

   Venue: Beijing